Chalk Paint – I am learning!

Antique. Old, Country. Shabby Chic.  Call it what you will, it is that old fashioned, shabby yet classy, pretty, whimsical look, the look I love.   

Im not wealthy, I dont have a bucket load of spare cash just hanging around (sadly).  What I do have is the ability to try.  I also have the ability to fail, often spectacularly. 

I wanted an occasional table to put beside my couch, something upon which to rest a cup of tea, or a vodka, depending on what the day has dealt me.  I had an idea what I wanted, but thought it was not achievable on my budget. Then I found out about Chalk Paint.  Gotta love Youtube!

Im cheap, ok! Really, I will go to the extra effort so I can save a penny.  I found out about Chalk Paint, then I found a recipe to make my own.  Next step was shopping for supplies.  $1.04. Yes, you read that right.  Expensive hay.  I already had a bag of lime in the shed – I use brickies lime because it is powder fine (you can also use plaster of paris if you like).  I also already had paint brushes.  

Next stop – our local recycle centre.  The centre is actually a shop set up at the local rubbish dump.  The council go through junk people dump, stick it in their shop sell it to people like me 🙂  I wasnt sure what I would find, but was stoked with what I did find!  I found this ugly little brown table. Really, it truly is ugly.  It was $5.  Yes, it is ugly….but it it sturdy and I had a vision!  Image


Chalk Paint is amazing. It requires minimal preparation. All I needed to do was wipe the table down with a wet cloth and wait for it to dry.  Then, I got a pot of paint, added the lime and watched it turn into an unusable clump.  I think I added too much.  That was disappointing, it was a really pretty pastel pink.  Not to be put off, I tried again, with a second pot, a kind of grey colour.  It worked.  

I painted the table.  It took about half an hour to dry then I painted it again.  Chalk Paint has a rough, gritty texture.  Im not sure if it is supposed to, but mine does.  I liked the look of the table, but not the feel, so back to Bunnings for a can of varnish – $15.  I put on 2 coats and was stoked! I have used less than a quarter of the tin of varnish and half of the pot of paint.  This is what I ended up with.  Image



Sorry about the thumb in the corner! 


Grand total, approximately – $8.  Yes, I am stoked.  I love it. It was cheap, looks cute and serves a purpose.  My tea or vodka fits perfectly.  


Chalk Paint – sticks to anything, or so I am told.  More projects to come!